Cooke Sockeye Fillets Random Weight (550-900g)

Product Information

Cooke Seafood Sockeye Fillets (Random Weight) 550 – 900 g.

Premium wild caught Sockeye retains its firm, flaky texture, vibrant colour and clean ocean flavour and is favourable within the Foodservice industry.

A delicious premium salmon addition to any menu, guaranteed to make an impression!

Random weight fillets will range between 550 – 900 g.

Good source of Protein & Omega-3.

Responsibly sourced and MSC Certified.

Available in Frozen Format, 5 units per carton.

Shelf life: 2 years

Product Availability

Product NameProduct CodeUnits per CartonPallet Qty
Cooke Seafood, Sockeye Fillets Skin on Random Weight7390075110