Susie Burrell is one of Australia’s leading nutritionists and dietitian, known for her extensive background in both nutrition and psychology and for her practical, easy to understand approach to diet, nutrition and well-being.

Susie holds a master’s degree in Coaching Psychology at Sydney University, regularly writes for bodyandsoul.com.au, 9honey and Sydney Morning Herald. Susie loves going on long walks around Sydney and is kept pretty busy with her twin boys, Guy & Harry!
Susie has been working with Tassal for over 3 years and loves to share her knowledge about the extensive healthy benefits associated with Tassal’s range of Australian Seafood – Tassie Salmon, Aussie Tiger Prawns and Cone Bay Barramundi.

Check out Susie’s articles on nutritional tips and healthy eating here.  



Atlantic Salmon Nutrition

Tassal is proud to produce a healthy and nutritious, sustainable protein that contains essential nutrients that support your health and wellbeing in a variety of ways.

For more detail on the nutrition of Atlantic Salmon, please visit here.

Tiger Prawns Nutrition

Tropic Co are proud to produce nutritionally rich Australian Tiger Prawns, a good low fat source of protein.

For more detail on the nutrition of Tiger Prawns, please visit here.