How We Care for Our Tiger Prawns  

At Tassal our approach to farming prioritizes the health of our animals. From the selection of brood stock to when our prawns are ready for harvesting, we monitor the prawn health and ensure their growing environment is the best that can be achieved.  

Our prawn feed is formulated by specialised aquatic nutritionists and contains vitamins and minerals. Our feed does not contain any growth hormones. We provide different diets to the prawns based on their needs, to ensure they always have enough energy to thrive whilst also supplying all the essential nutrients for healthy growth. 

We have sensors in every prawn pond to monitor the water quality continuously. The data is monitored by a central control room where our team can respond when needed to ensure the pond water quality remains optimum for prawn health and growth. 

This level of care ensures we consistently deliver prawns of the highest quality to our customers, embodying the excellence they expect from Tassal. 

How We Care for The Environment

We take pride in ensuring our operations place value on healthy oceans and waterways in our commitment to growing healthy and nutritious Tiger prawns responsibly. 

Our prawn farms operate with specified environmental management controls which include the requirements of our environmental licences. We have strict limits for water quality which we sample and monitor frequently. We have treatment ponds for the water before it is discharged, we grow seaweed in these ponds which helps with managing the water quality and also provides us with plenty of seaweed to harvest! 

We also undertake a Receiving Environment Monitoring Program (REMP) where monitoring, by third-party consultants who specialise in marine ecology and biology of North Queensland coastlines, is undertaken. The REMP comprises of monthly water quality monitoring, seagrass and mangrove assessment and tidal prism monitoring at near and far field sites.  

How We Care for The Wildlife 

We have a strong and ongoing commitment to the wildlife in the environments in which we operate. 

We have management programs in place to monitor, manage and protect the wildlife on our prawn farms. These can include birds, wild dogs, Kangaroos, and crocodiles. Most of these happily inhabit the areas around the farms and providing there isn’t a safety risk to the wildlife or our people, interaction is as minimal as possible. 

To read more about Tassal’s Sustainability Report, please see our 2023 report  here. We have been proudly releasing Sustainability Reports since 2011 and this is the 13th edition.