How We Care for Our Fish 

At Tassal our approach to farming prioritizes the health of our animals. Barramundi is new to our operation and since we arrived, we are upgrading and repairing pens, improving diets, installing monitoring in and around the pens and are committed to a range of other improvements across all aspects of the life cycle of the Barramundi. 

Our Barramundi are ocean farmed and it is important that we protect them from predators, such as sharks, which is why our investment in repairing and upgrading the pens has been a priority. 


How We Care for The Environment 

We take pride in ensuring our operations place value on healthy oceans and waterways in our commitment to growing healthy and nutritious Barramundi responsibly. 

Our unique site, situated along the remote Kimberley Coast in far north-western Australia, represents Australia’s sole commercial ocean barramundi farm. 

Our barramundi farm operates under an environmental licence which our environment and operations teams have ensured these are included in our environmental management system as we integrate barramundi into Tassal. 


How We Care for The Wildlife 

We have a strong and ongoing commitment to the wildlife in the environments in which we operate. 

The wildlife in this unique ocean location includes sharks and crocodiles. It is important for the safety of our teams to have protection in place around the farm, yet they respect the natural habitat of the wildlife.  

Cone Bay