The Facts about Tasmanian Atlantic Salmon

Tassal’s new Beyond Sustainability, Responsible Business Roadmap sets out an accelerated program of inclusive action supported by 25 targets across seven areas of transformation – people and communities, climate and circularity, freshwater, waste, responsible sourcing, governance and animal welfare.

We are confident our new Responsible Business Roadmap will not only accelerate our ESG and sustainability journey to 2030 but put us on track to be one of the world’s most sustainable protein producers. This is our down payment on a better tomorrow.

The simple fact is we are proud of our industry, and the thousands of people who work with us every day, and you can be too.

To read more about Tassal’s Responsible Business Roadmap here and our 2021 Sustainability Report here.

The nutrition of our salmon plays a crucial role in our sustainability journey. The feed we use for our stock is specially formulated by nutritionists to provide enough energy for our salmon to thrive whilst also supplying all the essential nutrients for healthy growth. Consumers demand safe, healthy and delicious Australian seafood, which means that trustworthy, high-quality feed is a prerequisite for the aquaculture industry.

All salmon, whether they are wild or farmed, get their signature flesh colour from their diet, from the presence of an antioxidant called astaxanthin.
Astaxanthin is an essential nutrient for salmon health and wellbeing, and vital for healthy muscle growth and egg production. Just like we need Omega 3 in our diets, salmon need astaxanthin.

The communities in which we operate form our heartland and our farmers are our heart beat.
We continue to work hard to do better, to be transparent and make decisions based on facts and science, to support the community and to look after our environment.

Atlantic salmon has a low carbon footprint, the lowest compared to other proteins (chicken, pork, beef).
This means by eating Tasmanian Atlantic salmon, you’re eating one of the healthiest and most efficient foods on the planet.

For the past 35 years, Tassal has been producing a delicious, nutritious and sustainable protein, from the cool, beautiful waters of Tasmania.
Responsibly farmed seafood is not only good for you but good for the community, supporting nearly one in 20 working Tasmanians. That’s why we’re proud to say Tassal is Tasmanian for salmon.

Operating in the beautiful, cool shared waterways of Tasmania comes with a rigorous regulatory setting.
We know this is needed to protect our freshwater and marine waterways to ensure our industry and beautiful waterways are here for generations to come.
There are over 40 laws currently in place to regulate Tasmanian’s salmon industry.