2023 Year in Review

What a year for Tassal Foodservice!

We have expanded our seafood offering with new species to satisfy our customers’ needs.

Tassal’s all Australian grown species include nutritious Tasmanian Atlantic Salmon, vibrant North Queensland Tiger Prawns (previously Tropic Co) and our latest addition, delicious Barramundi from Cone Bay, Western Australia.

Our new International brand, Cooke Seafood, offers customers a range of world class imported seafood, sourced from quality international markets. Cooke Inc. based in Canada, backed by generations of expertise, is the largest privately held seafood company in the world. Our new portfolio includes Scallops, Alaskan Sockeye Salmon and soon to launch Alaskan Pacific Cod and King Crab Clusters.

The Tassal Foodservice portfolio offers a range of Australian Seafood from Tassal and International Seafood from Cooke Seafood to delight your customers.

To view our range of products, please visit: https://tassalfoodservice.com.au/tassal-products/

To get in touch your state account representative, please visit:  https://tassalfoodservice.com.au/contact-us/     


2023 Sustainability Report

With more than 35 years experience in aquaculture, Tassal’s passion drives our commitment to meet the growing market and customer demand for healthy, sustainable and nutritious food, while playing our part in ensuring a prosperous and healthy planet for future generations.

Whether we are farming on land or at sea, our commitment to sustainability means how we go about our business is important to millions of Australians who love the oceans and coasts as much as we do.  We know that what matters to our customers, consumers, and the communities in which we operate, matters to us.

We continue to focus on sustainability through our Strategic Blueprint and deliver strongly against our Responsible Business Roadmap.

We have proudly been releasing Sustainability Reports since 2011 and this is the 13th edition.

To read our latest Sustainability Report, please view our report here.