The Ultimate Seafood Platter

The Ultimate Seafood Platter

  • 10 minsCooks in 10 mins
  • Serves 10Serves 10


Step 1

Preheat a barbecue flat plate on medium.

Step 2

Prepare Salsa: - Finely chop Shallot, Garlic, Chilli, Coriander, Tarragon and Parsley and mix in a bowl. - Add crushed Coriander Seeds, Olive Oil and Lime juice and mix.

Step 3

Place Prawns, Scallops and Mussels in a bowl. Add some of the Salsa and toss to coat.

Step 4

BBQ Mussels for 3 minutes, or until they begin to open. Add Prawns and Scallops to barbecue and cook for 1 minute each side.

Step 5

Arrange seafood onto a board, drizzle some Salsa over the seafood and place remaining Salsa in a bowl.

Step 6

Serve with crusty bread.


1kg cooked Tassal Aussie Tiger Prawns
150g Tassal Cold Smoked Salmon
150g Tassal Hot Smoked Peppercorn Salmon
8 fresh Oysters
8 fresh Mussels
1 French Shallot
½ tsp Coriander seeds
1 Garlic clove
2 fresh Green Chillies
185ml (cup) Extra Virgin Olive Oil
½ bunch fresh Coriander
½ bunch fresh Tarragon
4 sprigs fresh Continental Parsley
1 Lime

Crusty bread”