Tassal Barramundi – Whole Barramundi

Product Information

Tassal whole barramundi is available all year round chilled, in 2 sizes, 0 – 2kg and 2-6 kg. Whole barramundi is available in 25 kg boxes, pallets contain 28 boxes each.

Australia’s only ocean grown barramundi farm, that is responsibly sourced in Cone Bay, off the northern coast of Western Australia. Barramundi from Cone Bay is a premium white fish with a sweet, buttery taste and
delicate texture.

Our ocean’s finest barramundi is favoured by professional chefs & the Foodservice industry as a super versatile, easy to prepare protein, suitable for a variety of recipes and cuisines to enhance any menu.

Frozen barramundi portions & fillets coming soon.


Product Availability

Product NameProduct CodeUnits per CartonPallet Qty
Tassal Chilled Barramundi Whole MEDIUM 0 kg-2 kg POLY605101Average poly 25 kg28
Tassal Chilled Barramundi Whole LARGE 2 kg-6 kg POLY605102Average poly 25 kg28